Book One

Waking up on a deserted island with no memory of who you are is scary, but when your throat burns for the thirst of blood, it's terrifying. 

months Jasmine has managed to feed her new hunger in solitude while teetering on the brink of insanity. As her delirium increases to a new level, an unthinkable opportunity offers an escape into a world of cruelty, vengeance,
love and lust. Now the need to remember her past becomes vital if Jasmine plans to survive. 

Delicate thorns is a 26,000 word New Adult novella that brings an interesting twist to the vampire paranormal genre.


NA - Paranormal Romance




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Book Two

To regain her memory, Jasmine agrees to help the cursed witch Naomi... whose curse puts Jasmine in the grasp of a powerful coven out for her blood.

Jasmine comes to terms with her new life as a Forbidden; however, she is plagued by her forgotten past. The psychic, Naomi, claims she can cure her amnesia, but there’s always a price when dealing with a witch, especially one who’s cursed.


Naomi is willing to risk her life by revealing age-old secrets to breaking the bond of a spell causing her heartache. But her life isn’t the only one jeopardized by her pursuit.


Jagged Feather is a 14,000-word New Adult novelette that continues Jasmine’s journey from Delicate Thorns, discovering a world she never knew existed.

Book Three

Some things are better left forgotten.

Jasmine’s regained memories drive her back home... the one place she no longer belongs. Her fiancé is engaged to another. Her family no longer searches for her. Her old world has adapted without her being a part of it.

Dillan can’t seem to shake the inexplicit need to search for Jasmine, the woman who disappeared from his life as quickly as she entered it. He tracks down the family of the missing person, Holly, who remarkably looks like his lost love, only to discover they aren’t as enthusiastic about news she was alive a short time ago. The one person who is more interested in learning the truth is her sister, but other forces steer her further away from helping.

Through Jasmine’s heartache, she discovers the most treacherous danger lurches in the shadows, one that will cause her deeper pain than she ever imagined. She faces a grave decision... kill someone she once trusted with her existence or watch her family endure the greatest mistake of their lives.

Iron Petals is a 45,000-word New Adult novel that concludes Jasmine’s journey from Delicate Thorns and Jagged Feather, embracing her new life.

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