Ancient gypsy magic is more than powerful; it’s deadly.


Sworn by blood to protect the Irizat Luna, Protector Jeta must keep the magical relic out of malicious hands or risk its powers being compromised for evil. As the danger nears, Jeta’s only recourse is to rely on her own abilities and hope they’re strong enough to stop the looming threat.


Hired to find the Irizat Luna, Relic Hunter Traer Sharp employs his keen abilities with unwavering resolve at the expense of anyone who gets in his way. This mission may be his most difficult yet. The Protectors are a force to be reckoned with, and one that will not go down without a fight.


Death is never far from the realm of possibility. Jeta knows there’s no escaping the inevitable, but it’s either fall prey to a wicked world intent on revenge or risk everything, including her life, to protect the relic.

New Adult Paranormal Romance - audiences 17+


The fate of magic begins at the Black Moon.


The most powerful relic in the world, the Irizat Luna, is safe… for now. Jeta has risked everything, including her life to reclaim the relic. After reconnecting with the other Protectors, Jeta’s only objective is to get to Rapture before the Black Moon rises; capturing its essence is vital for gypsy magic.


Traer Sharp has proven himself worthy of the Protectors, once. But, is it enough for them to trust him completely? Jeta’s unexpected attraction to the Relic Hunter may be diverting her cunning intuition for danger. Is Traer toying with her emotions to find the perfect opportunity to steal the Irizat Luna, or has he found his perfect match?


With only twenty-seven days until the Black Moon rises over Rapture, Jeta will do whatever it takes to get there. The terrain will be a battle in itself. But, with Lajaria’s obsession for the relic and her powerful magic tracking the Protector’s every move, they’ll have to find ways to harness their own magical powers to end her forever.

New Adult Paranormal Romance - audiences 17+

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