Underwater Island Series

Shore of Graves ~ Book One

Co-written with Miranda Hardy

Alania's unease with the coffins washing on shore escalates when two mysterious strangers arrive. Alania struggles to cope with her arranged marriage, as well as having to leave the only home she’s ever known. A pair of strangers arrive in her village seeking the one thing she’s been trained to do, but they want more than she expects.


Tao and Keyon’s people suffer from a non-resistant illness, causing death each day. When the sickness strikes one of the brothers, a miracle leads them to a remedy. Now they will do whatever it takes to help the society they care most about, even if it means hurting the one who helped them find it.

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Nether Tears ~ Book Two

Co-written with Miranda Hardy

Alania’s trapped between two different worlds... the one she was ripped from and the one that needs her for their survival. They are both willing to fight for her. 

Tao struggles through his emotions while working with Alania to save his people. His heart 
 aches for her, but belongs to another. His entire life turns upside down the closer his wedding day looms. His fiancé will do everything in her power to secure his hand, even if it means sacrificing her own people. 

Keyon’s desire to sit on the throne threatens to overcome his willpower to stay loyal to his blood. An imminent war pushes him over the brink of sanity when his people’s numbers decrease substantially. If he can’t reconcile with his brother to fight together, their people may be wiped out of existence entirely. 

Alania strives to understand her part in these clashing worlds, but when she learns the truth, all of them are endangered. 

Nether Tears, a full-length novel, is the conclusion of the Underwater Island Series. 


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