Unsleep is a series of fourteen YA episodes. Each one depicts a day in the life of Sage and her increasingly difficult ability to avoid sleep.

Books one through thirteen

Sage has wished and searched for something that doesn't exist... to escape the clutches of sleep. But, after experimenting with her parent's new-found herbs from their last excursion to a small Brazilian rain forest, she may have found the perfect concoction. It's been thirty-seven hours since she has felt the need to sleep.


Jack, the boy who lives next door to Sage, has less than an ideal life as a seventeen-year-old guy. Wanting to help the boy she's had a crush on since middle school, Sage invites him into her uncharted and dangerous world. 


Over the next 13 days, she continues the drink the bitter tea to test if what she thinks is the perfect remedy to unsleep. When an official from an obscure government agency approaches her, she knows she on to something. She'll either have to give them what they want or become their next victim. Either way, Sage will have to give up something. And she knows, some things are worth dying for.



Book fourteen

The conclusion.

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